Canon of early Works

I started writing when I was quite young. This fact is always really comforting to me when I doubt my ability  — how could six year old me have been wrong about my DESTINY?! I have boxes and boxes of poems and handmade books. (THANKS, MOM, FOR KEEPING THEM!) The stories themselves are fairly simple stuff, predictable, dolls coming to life and throwing birthday parties, friendships falling apart at a soccer game, a kid who must make Thanksgiving dinner all by herself because mom is sick in bed and Aunt Betty is coming to Thanksgiving because she sent a letter stating Dear Everyone, expect me for Thanksgiving. There’s nothing really spectacular about any of them, but still, they comfort me and make me smile. And so, I brought a few of them back with me after Christmas. Instead of telling you about how Millie’s wish fairy did not get along with her Irish Butler, I will draw your attention to a few of the dedication and about the author pages, which, I will humbly admit, are QUITE SPECTACULAR.

To all you teddy bear lovers out there….thanks for reading.

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