2014: plays.

January 4! A day of cleaning, of list making, of crock potting, a day of Where the Crap is my wolf shirt?,  a day of Why do I have 17 empty bottles of travel sized toothpaste?,  a day of Reflection! Looking back on the year that was so very long ago by which I mean 4 days, I was hashtag blessed with three really awesome productions of plays by fierce, committed, hands on LA theater companies. When I moved to LA, I worried that I wouldn’t have the same opportunities to work on and see my plays as I had in NYC, where a playwright sneezes and immediately there is a fantastic, eager little company  to bless them and also do their play. But LA playtvwrighters need not worry, as there are a plethora of theater folk out here. Here are some:

Fresh Produced LA, Hey Brother:

LA New Court Theater, Little Man:

and last but not least, Be a Good Little Widow at the Noho Arts Center, staring the lovely Ms.’s  Larisa Olyenik and Caroline Aaron:

Grateful to all of these companies and actors for giving me the chance to still feel like a playwright, to sit in a dark room thinking weird thoughts and eating skittles, and call this Work.

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