Best Present.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, YA FILTHY ANIMALS! So many marvelous things have happened today. Lily rode a motorcycle for the first time, we faceTimmed with Tim in South Korea, Lily made us all proper British Tea, Pete and Dan got beard hats, I gave out cookie and pancake socks, Lily put herself inside of a gift bag,

But last night I received, by far, the best present:

My Granddad’s wife died six weeks ago, a week after he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Given the circumstances, he is now a far more emotional man than the academic and reserved one I’ve always known. He joined us at church last night, and when I arrived and hugged him:

ME: Hi Granddad!

(Granddad immediately starts crying.)

ME: How’re you?

Granddad: You made me cry!

ME: Aww, I’m sorry, why?

Granddad: Because you’re so beautiful!

I have not been called beautiful that many times in my life, and so I tend to treasure each and every time, but now, I treasure this one the very most.

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