ink, still

Today, on things of little consequence: I’ve been rolling with the wee moleskin calendar for years and years. This year, I thought to myself, next year, I will be a person who uses their phone as a calendar, like many humans do, so I never have to say, I don’t know if I can do this or that, I have to look at my calendar, which I don’t have right now. I would instead always have all of my commitments right in front of me, in my pocket, in my phone, snuggled up with contacts and pictures of sandwiches and showtunes and mysterious Notes that just read ‘flat liners?’ and ‘31055678990’ and ‘Peter’s friends.’ I really wanted to be that person, organized, digital, paperless. But then I tried to put something in my robot phone calendar, didn’t like it, and so then I caved. I’m going old school calendar again in 2015, paper and ink, because I still want to write things down, I want to take pen to paper and  smudge it with my hand, because I want to spill wine on it,write ‘DENTIST!!!!!!’ Then cross it out and then write DENTIST!!!!!! again.

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