When I first started working in TV, I worried that the different form of writing would somehow muck up my playwriting brain. But thankfully, I really think it’s made me better. With TV, every word is money.  If left to my own devices, I tend to overwrite as if it were my job, which it is not. In fact, I’d say I get paid to underwrite. With TV, Writing MUST be economical. I’ve learned the art of subtle underwriting from my boss big time, watching her go through drafts and know exactly what to cut, how to glean and glean until what’s left is direct and powerful. Case in point, this weekend I’m workshopping my heaven play, and first things first, I cut 13 pages out of that guy and then definitely felt like the most productive writer there ever was. Maybe it’s a cop out of a rewrite, but also maybe, Cutz are a skill? That I now have? I HAS NEW SKILL / I DID NOT GO TO GRAD SCHOOL FOR NOTHING?! / WRITING IS DELETING?

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