what matters

Last night when the unfortunate Darren Wilson verdict was determined was, among many things, a fascinating study of Facebook: 90% of Facebook was rage against the verdict, 5% was LOOK AT THIS PUPPY and SHOULD I GET THIS PHONE and COME SEE MY PLAY and then 5% was rage against the people who were NOT posting about the verdict. We are meant to care. We should care. Of course it matters. But has Facebook become a place where we must PROVE that we care? Shout through our fingers that we care? If that is the case, then I am a fairly one note, shallow person obsessed with volcanoes and pictures of my friends and the things that I write. Is this true, or do I just keep the things that enrage me in a separate place? Also, there is this tendency in me to not want to express rage when I don’t feel like I know the entirety of a situation. And how, I mean really HOW, do we ever really know ANYTHING? Is that a Cop out, or the truth? But no, really, I can’t believe  it’s at the point that #blacklivesmatter is a thing right now, that that must be said. Really? LIVES Matter. LIVES. All of the lives. All of them. This is sad. That we need that reminder at all. Rage OUT.

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