FYPie (Cake)

Ladies and Gentleman, the Pumcapple Piecake:

How do you eat it even? Do you do it in shifts? Do you make a schedule? Do you cry? And what the ever loving fudge is in it, do you ask? From the Texas Bakery, Three Brothers, that has crafted it:

The top layer is a pumpkin pie enveloped by a pumpkin spiced cake. The middle layer is a pecan pie within chocolate cake, and finally a traditional lattice-top apple pie is baked right into a spice cake. Each layer is frozen before construction to ensure a stabilized base. Once assembled, the cake gets an all-over coat of cream cheese frosting, following by a rich caramel drizzle and crushed pecan garnish.

I will never questions Americans AGAIN. We are fierce; we are brilliant; we are Fat.

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