Morro Bay!

One of my favorite things about living in California, next to you know, just like, living in California, and also avocados, is being in the same state as Miss Elizabeth Castoria. We have a grand routine of meeting up in various places throughout CA and finding all of the wine and drinking it and finding all of the nice things and looking at them. We’ve Nappaed, we’ve Palm Sprung, and this trip,  we picked Morro Bay, equidistant between our respective homeplaces. MB  features massive rock surrounded by Sea Lions that  have LOTS to say, charming baby cactus stores, stupid good vegan food, and chill folks who share a favorite verb which is To Saturday. A few hours in, we are already locals. We know all of the babies and what cities they’re named after, we are buds with the old surfer dudes whose pants won’t stay up, we have Saturdayed, and will continue to Saturday, perhaps even into Sunday.

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