more of the money = more of the problems

Today, on I am a grown up, I’ve decided to try a using a business manager, who is basically a person who you funnel all of your money through, like all of it, and they in turn pay all of your bills, give some to investors, pay your taxes, make sure you don’t get thrown in jail for tax fraud, and perhaps make you think twice about spending 900 dollars on pumpkin spice lattes because, you know, they’re watching. Said business manager takes a cut of my income, but what I’ve decided is this: the hours I’d spend keeping track and paying bills and taxes so as to ensure I don’t get thrown in prison for tax fraud, I can INSTEAD spend writing things that will hopefully bring in more of the Benjamins, for as you know, it is, in fact, all about the Benjamins. I mean, what would I like to do? Do I want to be a baller? A Shot caller? SURE!

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