I’ve made a completely arbitrary and self-imposed promise / deadline: I will write two TV pilots this school year. I will do that. I’ve got two incredibly vague ideas that are each about 8% percent fleshed out, if I’m being generous. Whereas I know how to start a poem (feelings, wine) a play (humans, conflict, some sort of animal or plant, words) a movie (images, also wine) I cannot for the life of me figure out how to start writing a television moving picture program. I should know this. I really should. How do you begin something that should, in theory, never end? All I know is that good television, or at least the kind of I want to write, starts with humans at breaking points. High Emotion. Through the lens of a certain world. But not like, GIMMICK world. Like world that’s organic to the theme. Theme being the thing that you should know and also forget. Does watching hours of old people in overalls do historical reenactments of how people used to reap and cure tobacco in the early 20th century on Youtube count? DOES IT COUNT?

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