A few years back, I realized something: creative jealousy is inevitable. While you sort of have to trick yourself into thinking that you are the only painter / writer / dancer / cake maker in the world to do your best work, you are, of course, not alone. Other artists’ careers rise, and then there’s a link and you must click on it and then you create a narrative of their life that can only be described as PERFECTION! and a deep gross visceral knot forms in your gut. Another thing about jealousy is that it is toxic, and if you hold it inside you will carry an anger-baby that will make you nauseous and kick you from inside until you birth it and then it will grow up and max out your credit cards and name its memoir I HATE MY MOM AND OTHER TALES. And so, I realized that it’s so much healthier and easier to just ADMIT THAT YOU ARE JEALOUS instead of pretending like you are not. Release it. Try it. It’s so liberating. And so: Here’s Ruby Rae Speigel:

A lovely young playwright who has not yet even finished her undergrad (AT YALE) whose first full length play just received a very glowing New York Times review (side note: the play sounds incredible.) Her career is most certainly launched. Ruby will never have to take the G to the 7 to the 1 at 7 am to remove bed bugs from a corporate apartment.

Ruby: I applaud you, I am jealous of you, I salute you, I envy you, I support you.



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