It’s back to school time for Switched at Birth! We have exactly a school-like schedule, with a Fall start and then Summer vacation, and tomorrow is the first day back, and I WANT A TRAPPER KEEPER SO BADLY I CAN FEEL IT IN MY EARS.

Remember that feeling? Clean college ruled paper, happy colored pens. Sweet Order, primary colors, optimism. More specifically, I want a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper.

I should be prepping myself for Back to School, researching, packing my lunch, making a list of things I’ll do better this year, or at all (more sleep / more reading / better handwriting) but instead, here is a picture of the actual Lisa Frank who makes me want to be a better student and also is maybe really good at mind control:

But really: I’m ready to get back to work, and have mild aspirations to do it all again but better. More and better thoughts, more and better stories. Gotta go select a scrunchie that matches my shirt that matches my shorts. SEE YOU IN FIRST PERIOD!

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