dear my Home*:

I’m returning home after 3.5 weeks of travel and I’m having person-ish feelings about my House. Consider it officially anthropomorphized. I’ve missed it. I’ve thought of it. I can’t wait to see it / say hi to it / be with it / play records in it / watch HBOGO inside of it / bake bread in it / sleep in it / have my life all up in it / put my things way in it / not live out of a series of bags that make everything smell of dead granola bars. HOME:  I’M COMING!

* Not an actual picture of my actual home since maybe there are crazy people reading this who might say hey look! That’s her home! Let’s go stand outside of her home or perhaps break into her home!  Though if there actually is that person, good luck to you, and want to come in for tea and see my house? Because it’s the best. Just like, don’t murder me and wear me around like a coat.

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