For months, both of my parents have been randomly asking me, Boo, did you get the napkins? Do you have the napkins? Did we send you the napkins? And I kept being like: WHAT ARE THESE NAPKINS? All I knew was that my Dad’s co-Senator, the lovely Kathy Harrington, whom he greatly admires, who is a loyal reader of my blog, had gotten me some napkins? Napkins. Today, I received the napkins:

Kathy found them at a yard sale and thought of me. KATHY, YOU KNOW ME BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF. The box contains some 50 MINT CONDITION delicate and strange and adorable vintage cocktail napkins with charming and weird little puns:

I can’t wait to entertain with them, oh wait no,  never use them at all, but instead proudly display them, and most likely be buried with them. THANKS KATHY!

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