I love to put song moments in plays:  like moments in which characters sing songs to themselves, because well, I am constantly singing to myself. I like moments in which someone sings and they’re not entirely sure why they are singing at all,  not even really aware of it,  but it’s happening. Or duets with people they can’t see and have never met.  They’re meant to be private moments, not necessary performative. My Oregon Trail play is  is certainly no exception, with fireside sing alongs, angsty disc man cry-singing, and time travel Aerosmith duets. This reading, there is a LIVE BLUEGRASS BAND accompanying the play, complete with Banjo, or: instrument I would marry if one could marry instruments (GOVERMENT: COME ON!.)  Last night, we invented the sound of a Banjo dying of Dysentery, which the world had no idea that it needed, but guess what world: you DID.

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