This and This

I scored that Cat Stevens greatest hits record which is my new hey, let’s listen until it over and over until my neighbor thinks I’ve lost my mind / until  it absolutely disintegrates.  My sophomore year of college, I discovered Cat Stevens, perhaps a bit late in life, but still. I was particularly fixated on his song Father and Son (see side 2 / song 6 / over and over and over.)  My first play freshman year was so disgustingly personal that watching it made me nauseous, and so, I think I decided that my second play should be really not personal at all! But deeply dramatic in ways that mean nothing to me! Like involving a dead mom and a house fire! And so, I wrote Exit Plato, which was a play full of Cat Stevens songs and something about a missing cat and glasses of whole milk chugged between sentences a beautiful swing that hung from the Grid  that I still will never forget. I can’t remember what linked it all, but it was something like me trying to turn the way his songs made me feel into scenes. Cleaning out my desk last week, I found a page from it:

Please note that in typical Second Play by 19 year old Fashion,  characters names are spelled in strange ways for no reason whatsoever (Graycie?) and that also, characters say the other characters name AT LEAST EVERY OTHER SENTENCE IN CASE YOU KNOW THEY HAD FORGOTTEN WHO THEY WERE TALKING TO.

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