this is what You mean to me

I don’t really know who ‘you’ is. I think I mean my blog, but also all of You. Who are you? Hi.

This, weekend, I was here:

Palm Springs desert beauty, for my friend’s 30th birthday. I did not bring my computer, so as to, you know, fully disconnect. But my phone crapped out and had to go to sleep away camp (THIS IS WHAT THE GENIUSES ACTUALLY CALL IT) and so I got a replacement phone which would not let me log into my blog app #peoplewithphonesproblems and I spent a fair amount of time worrying about this, as if I was on assignment, or deadline, as if, I did not blog one day, I would promptly cease to be. Having not made a cyber mark I would just, you know, turn to pixels then to sand. Eventually I made peace with it and let it go until someone brought out their laptop which I crazily and immediately bogarted for blogging. Call me crazy, or call me crazy committed to You, to this arguably meaningless thing that has so very much meaning to me.

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