Why is it

We (me) spend our teens and twenties quite obsessed with ourselves, with tiny scopes in terms of what is important. By the time we wise up and realize that our grandparents are invaluable, that we should listen to every single thing that they say, that they should get all of the hugs,  their days on earth are dwindling. Jeannine, below (my granddad’s wife of many years, and so, my grandma) recently found out that her days on this earth are more numbered than she may have thought, as she is quite full of cancer.  It’s completely arresting, as she has always been so active, so vibrant. She and my granddad are taking the news like a total champ, with humor, with total grace. I extended my trip home, rented a tiny car, and shot over NC on scenic (?) and nostalgia – paved  I-40  to pay them a visit.

It was really, really hard to leave, but I’m grateful I got even a hair of time with them. Friends, if you still got your grandparents around, find them / grab them gently / ask them questions / internalize the answers / take mental pictures / take actual pictures.

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