Today, I am not Me

My boss told me that today, in the room, since everyone higher up than me is covering set, runnin’ round, doing various writerly tasks, I’m Alexander Haig (Reagan’s first Secretary of State, she also informed me.)  She probably meant that I am the person who inserts themselves into a position of power when everyone else is otherwise engaged, as Haig did when Reagan was shot, but I prefer to take things deeply literally.

And so, today, I am an old white man in a crisp suit my wife picked out for me with a passive smile that I am secretly scheming behind, and I am shouting NO WAIT, I AM PRESIDENT NOW! and inviting myself to parties and banging gavels on things? and tripping on carpets and looking to make sure no one saw, and nightmaring about Nam and kicking the dog on purpose and then resigning 3 years before the gig is up and resolving to write a very important book about my life, and nightly cuddle the crap out of my purple heart.

AND IN SUMMATION, THE FUTURE! – things that old white politicians say?

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