Let there be no one

Let there be no one.

Let there be no one there when

You get home. Shut the door.

Prepare your own dinner.

Savor it alone. Have seconds.

Take off your pants. No one is there.

Your words fall on no one so

Say them all, to chair, to lamp.

Sit and think. Grow so good with No one

That Someone is odd. Make good

With your body, next to no one.

Wrap your feet around air.

Sleep with no one. Savor your

kicks and your sounds.


Let your no one bring someone.

Let someone into your house.

Prepare dinner. Split it in half.

This is my lamp. This is my chair.

Two Someone’s with their hands softly

snaking towards each other across a couch.

This is my couch. These are my records.

That is my Mom. Those are my books.

Let your words fall on someone.

Be so good with no one that suddenly

Finally and suddenly

Someone is there.

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