(Is that still a kind of computer data storage? Is that still of thing?)  Today I contemplate RAM and how it relates to the brain. I’ve been realizing, lately, that my thought process has changed. Or perhaps shrunk. My head used to be constantly swirling with questions / images / pieces of dialogue and scenes.  That has definitely shifted, or slowed. It’s really disconcerting. But, I’m going to tell myself that it’s NOT that I’ve dulled or lost curiosity, but instead that my head is stuffed full of the actual work that I have to do that I got from things that I wrote when my head was swirling with titles and What if I was in a volcano? and What of God? and Elephants! I very much hope that something is not lost, but rather, it’s just a maturation of my writer brain, or maybe there is just asbestos in my house. Does asbestos cause brain damage? LOOK AT ME I HAVE A QUESTION!

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