Sometimes buzzfeed is mindless, pointless cotton candy like WHAT IF DISNEY PRINCESSES HAD TINY EYES! and HERE IS BEYONCE’S BUTT IN VARIOUS INCARNATIONS! and CATS IN OVERALLS! But then also, sometimes, it’s spot-on, poignant and relevant, like the How Priveleged are you quiz (Note: I am 54 out of 100 points privileged mostly because I had a job in high school and used to be fat.  Other than that, I am basically made up mostly of water of privilege.) Also, this map of the US:

…..In which they asked their UK office to label parts of the US by their stereotypes and it’s just…it’s spot on, and it just wins the Day. Favorite state descriptions include ‘Corn,’ ‘Weird,’ ‘Not Idaho,’ and ‘Basically Canada.’ This should go in books, for children? Raised in Bibles, I spent many years in Tall Building People Shouting Bit like London, and now reside in Earthquakes Beaches.

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