Today, on privileged  people problems: When you work many week hours, weekends are sacred and packed full of conflicting agendas  — that totally expose the deep yet equally shallow anxiety I feel when I don’t feel balanced  and like time is slipping away — like laundry but also chill out but also socialize but also wash your stupid car but also clean your house but also you should go for a run, fattie, like a nice long one but also WHAT IF YOU BAKED? but also you should really watch that movie to help you write that movie you’ve been hired to write  but also YOU SHOULD WRITE THAT MOVIE but also you should hole up at home and do nothing, just think and reflect, but also you should drive to the beach because it’s right there, but also you should pay your bills and renew your passport but also you should go to church but also you should sleep but also wake up but also go to bed but also everything, but also, but also, but alsoOHWAITLOOKIT’SOVERTIMETOGOBACKTOWORKFORTENMOREYEARS.

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