I had a totally uneventful flight to NYC, by which I mean I did not panic at all, and yet, a whole lot of insignificant things happened which perhaps amount to Something.

1. I took that picture of myself in the bathroom because that seemed like a thing I could start that people might do or already do.

2. I got in a small fight with a stewardess when I was halfway through Watching Frozen and it froze and she wouldn’t refund my money and NOW I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENS AT THE END Of FROZEN.

3. I fell asleep a tiny bit with my hand on my leg, then woke up really fast like WHO IS TOUCHING MY LEG?! but guys it was just myself touching my own leg.

4. Realized I was sitting behind super brilliant and famous playwright Adam Rapp, and what’s more, that he was in the exit row, so if the plane were to crash, headlines might read FAMOUS PLAYWRIGHT SAVES WAY LESS FAMOUS PLAYWRIGHT FROM PLANE CRASH BUT THEN SHE SOMEHOW MANAGES TO ACCIDENTALLY HANG HERSELF WITH A NECK PILLOW

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