I am finally watching this French series on Netflix, in which the dead start coming back to life with no awareness of their death. Not as zombies or ghosts, just — suddenly There again. I like it for a myriad of reasons: its look, its twists, its peoples, but mostly that it’s about something MIRACULOUS.  There’s something really beautiful about seeing people have their dead loved ones in their lives again, but it’s also this painful exploration of how complicated that would be. So far, there’s no real mention of where the people have been for the last some odd years, whether or not they’ve gone to heaven or some sort of afterlife. It’s more about the immediate and human reactions to the miracle, and the unravelling of mysteries. It’s deeply human and shocking but also subtly twisty-turny. Point being: If you aren’t watching it, I GENUINELY DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE DOING WITH YOUR LIFE BUT IT’S PROBABLY THINGS THAT AREN’T WATCHING TELEVISION AND SO WELL GOOD FOR YOU.

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