Today, on I Watched a Documentary and now I am an expert on Insert Subject of Documentary: I had the horror / pleasure of viewing The Square, which follows 2 years of Arab Spring protests in Egypt:  the occupation of Tahrir Square by peaceful protestors in Cairo, which, of course, turned violent and bloody. It’s beautifully shot,  (nominated for Best Doc, lost to the Backup Singers Doc, see side conversation, is the Best Doc category about which Issue is most significant, or is it actually about the execution of the film?.) It really puts you There, and captures a divided nation coming together for a shared goal (but then, also, their re-division after an election of a Muslim President.)  Amidst all of this, my most unshakable takeaway is this guy, Ahmed, one of our spirit guides through the story:

We see him lament, weep for his country, rally friends, inspire hoards, shout until he looses his voice, run through the street towards bullets, get shot in the head, survive, wrap a scarf around the wound as to not disturb his mother, grow out his hair,  keeping fighting. His passion and conviction are deep and poetic as if he was Written. I now feel weirdly attached to him, like he’s a boy I once kissed who in that tiny moment changed me completely. Is it weird that  I want to make him dinner  as he declares and rants? And then I realize I’ve run out of tea, and I kind of freak out a little bit, and he says that is your problem? and I say yes, yes Ahmed, that, right now, is my problem and he pauses, smiles: well, that is a very big problem.

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