In a moment of pure weakness, I ordered this Brazilian Butt Workout Dance DVD thing. Please, hold your horror and applause. It’s super fun and I’m remembering how much I love to dance, just like, not when people are watching, per se. And so now, in the privacy of my own home, at odd early morning hours, I can samba my face off, sans judgement. The Instructor guy keeps yelling at me to TOUCH MY BODY! and DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS! and WE ARE IN BRAZIL! i.e. , WE ARE SO NOT IN BURBANK! THAT IS NOT WHERE WE ARE! NOT AT ALL! I very much recommend it.  If you need me, I will be Touching my Body, and also Not Settling for Less, and also Being in Brazil, and also shaping my Boom Boom, which is how you say Butt in Brazil. Fluent.

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