To Phil, who I did not Know

Phil, I won’t pretend to have known you deeply or personally, save some brief interactions and spottings in and around theater stuff. But I will say that I think everyone feels such a deep loss because you bridged the gap between celebrity and theater. You were so visible, accessible. You were the famous person that felt like a friend, the non-glossy type, the type that would walk around without sunglasses, tell you what he thinks,  shop at Gristedes. You were brilliant but also approachable and made everyone feel like what they were doing was very important. I just read something Aaron Sorkin wrote about you: a conversation you guys had once as fellow addicts. You said, something like, well, if one of us OD’s and dies, we’ll save ten lives. I’m reminded of Natasha Richardson and how her death saved tons of lives, with its visibility. You nailed it, buddy. You’re a hero, the quiet kind.

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