This is on Purpose

Nice PA in Golfcart (stopping next to me:) Hey, you wanna ride?

Me: No, thanks, it’s okay, I’m walking.

Nice PA: C’mon, I’ll give you a ride.

Me: No, it’s okay, I’m on a walk.

Nice PA: ….?

Me: I’m doing this on purpose.

Nice PA: ……….….?

Me: I had a bagel this morning, sooooo.

Nice PA: ……..

Me: And I’m going to Costa Rica in a few weeks. So you know. Watching my girlish figure. Teehee, and things.

Nice PA: ?

Me: You’re right.  I’m a stupid cliche. I am cartoon of myself. I am a half page in a women’s magazine missing it’s cover, stuffed beneath a couch in a dentist’s office.

Nice PA : ……..


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