But why Bother?

HAPPY 2014! I’m stoked. According to this thorough list of things to leave behind in 2014, I can no longer say I’m stoked to express excitement re: an impending event. And so: I’m jazzed. No?I’m pumped. No. I look forward to with great positive expectancy of.  Instead of pretending like a New Year will bring massive change, why not just admit that things will basically stay the same but may shift in tiny, wonderful ways that eventually add up to a massive change that will only be detectable in retrospect?

And so In lieu of grand resolutions, here are some of the things I’m already doing that I will continue to do.

Good things that I’ve been doing that I will keep doing probably, but hey, no pressure / who’s counting:

– take awesome little day and weekend trips around LA (above: El Matador Beach, Malibu; see also Palm Springs which I will CERTAINLY be doing again.)

– write The Secret movie

– breathe air

– live in dwarf house

Bad things that I do that I will probably keep doing but will occasionally promise myself I will no longer do:

– Spending $900 at Gelsons instead of getting in car and driving 3 blocks to Ralphs

– starting books and not finishing them

– taking too long to respond to emails / leaving important texts from friends go unanswered for too long

– bitterness

– Skittles

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