Haters: Why must you Hate?

I was advised not to blog about this, but when am I ever obedient?

Okay. I am usually obedient.

But this really got my goat:

Hilarious. Who takes time out of their holiday season when they should be with family and friends to SEARCH FOR THE EMAIL ADDRESS OF, AND THEN SEND AN UNNECCESSARY, CONDESCENDING EMAIL TO the random writer of one random article from almost two years ago? WHO DOES THAT? Person above, hiding behind their vague, ridiculous, nameless gmail account does that exactly. ¬†Wisetoforget: apologies for the effrontery that was my article. Perhaps when Vulture asks you to write a similar article, you could OH WAIT, THEY DIDN’T (Snaps finger in Z shape / drops mike / aggressively shakes print-out of MFA / hides under blankets.)

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