My mind sees what it Wants

Case in point: this morning, while driving to work, I saw a guy walking his llama (large dog), then a fedora-shaped cloud (cloud), then a car full of polar bears (pillows) and a road sign blinking CLICKETY OR TICKETY (you know.) Either there were shrooms in my coffee, or my brain chooses to perceive things in whichever way most amuses me; transforms the banal to the —  Oh man, there is just no other word, don’t ever quote me, may this word die —  to the Quirky. While it perhaps borders on hallucination, I don’t mind it much, just as long as I don’t start talking to animals that aren’t there or trying to climb trees that are there but are actually People.  So that’s pretty much all for the day, thanks for reading, and n’er forget to Clickety on your way Home, lest you be served with a Tickety.

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