I had the great pleasure of attending Blaine’s Bikram Yoga training Graduation! It was like a real graduation, with a valedictorian, special awards, grandparents, massive quantities of ethnic cuisine consumed in a ballroom, cake, a Celine Dion serenade of sorts, and a hoard of hot, limber people from all over the world doing insane things with their lean bodies.

Most importantly, Bikram himself spoke, complete with leather blazer, which was a once in a lifetime thing. Hearing Bikram speak. And also the blazer. He’s got a bad rap, rumored to be nuts and mean to women, but honestly, the guy is really kind, intelligent and inspiring. I was in awe of the students and what they were able to do, but mostly in awe of Blaine for giving two months of her life to the rigorous training, but even more in awe of myself for immediately forcing her to drink this Chardonnay.

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