The Blind Date Project

I suddenly feel like I’m writing a review or something, but I don’t know how to write reviews, so please don’t hold the following words to those standards. Do not expect clever prose or metaphors or allusions to other projects.  Headline: I SAW A THING AND IT WAS A GOOD THING THAT I SAW! Every now and then you see something that is actually, actually good. The Blind Date Project was started by gorgeous, hilarious Australian actress who puts herself on blind dates with actors. The entire thing is improvised. There’s a loose-ish structure, with karaoke numbers, vodka shots (I hope it was water or today she is dead) and trips to the bathroom, but the rest is a total gamble. A director sits in the back of the bar and texts / calls the two with commands / suggestions. The result: hilariously awkward and somehow also incredibly profound, especially re: the insane things that go through your head and subsequently out of your mouth when you are trying to date, trying to be yourself, while also being the best version of yourself, while also acting normal, while also being confident, while also looking cute, while also sounding smart, while also being intriguingly damaged, yet highly functioning, yet short, yet tall, yet demure, yet powerful, yet sweet, yet strong. It changes every night based on the date and whatever her emotional state is that day, whether or not she’s say, wearing a romper, what karaoke numbers are picked. So just: go see it, and I will probably see you there, as watching this show makes me feel like something that is a play but also improv but also actual real life is the new Pink. Black? Important.

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