I mean, I like my blog, and find that it maintains a nice balance of things I eat / things I think / things I look at, but I really feel it lacking in the deadly disease department. And so, Thanks to Radiolab, I had a fascinating drive in to work learning all bout RABIES.  First off, terrifying. Basically a 100% death rate. Did you know that the virus itself has a mind of its own? When it enters the body, it affixes itself to a nerve and gradually makes its way up to the brain. Once it has taken over a person / animal,  it fills them with rage, so as to encourage the person to bite others and spread the disease. Also, once a person is stricken, the virus makes them INCAPABLE OF DRINKING WATER. The body wants water, but as they bring a cup to their lips, their limbs shake and their throat constricts, so that the rabid saliva stays in the mouth / is not swallowed / is more present when the rabid person or animal, you know, bites someone else. And so, So happy Thursday to you. And please steer clear of Bats.

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