I’ve been jonesing for some knowledge or something other than same old,  and boy did I get it. This weekend has been CRAY by which I do not mean parties or bars. Nope, I’ve been sitting in a theater listening to doc’s and prof’s and scientists! I’ve joined the Playwright’s Group at Center Theater Group, where I’ll be writing a new play, commissioned by South Coast Rep, about a person who dies, goes to heaven, and comes back to earth, inspired by the 900 books on the topic that my Mom has mailed to me, each with a note, YOU SHOULD WRITE ABOUT THIS LOVE MOM. Mom, I’m GONNA AND I CAN’T WAIT. Angels! Hymns! Colors never seen on earth! Exposition!

CTG’s group is brilliantly kicked off with a Playwright’s Salon, in which each playwright gets two experts in fields related to things they’ll be exploring in their play. The playwright then hosts a discussion with the experts. Above, you’ll find one Miss Sarah Gubbins hosting a discussion between two lawyers who stand on opposite sides of the Gun Control debate, which naturally got a little heated but stayed polite.  We’ve also from an organic chemist, a woman who is CURING CANCER, two delightfully nerdy and fiercely intelligent Stalin-era Russian Historians, two women who grew up essentially homeless: one in motels with her financially strapped parents and brothers (motel kid) and now runs a non-profit helping said kids, and one who grew up with little to no supervision after her father abandoned her for the Chinese Mafia (parachute kid,),  Pastor Tony Davis, who died after being shot 5 times, went to heaven, and came back to life,  and an incredible grief specialist David Kessler who helps people face their deaths with dignity. Tomorrow, we’re learning about avante garde music, victims of male rape, and massage parlors.

I just want to sit in a room with someone who knows everything I don’t and just listen to them talk. I just want to to this, for days.

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