Here’s what I’ve been struggling with: on any given night, after work (though the same conundrum applies to weekends, as well) you’ve got maybe 4, 5 hours of time to force full of productivity before you should probably go to bed so that you can probably be an alert and productive person the following day. During these 4-5 hours, you should exercise but also socialize but also read articles but also books, but also write but also do your work but also see other people’s work, but also see movies but also watch documentaries but also bake, but also call your parents, but also do something selfless, but also clean, but also relax, but also try new things.


This would explain why the other night, after work, I ran two errands then ran for real, showered for 10, read for a book for 20, watched 1/3 of one documentary and one hour of television, sat in silence for 30, listened to records for 30, wrote for an hour, played guitar for 20, read an article, then went to bed feeling exhausted, wide awake, entirely schizophrenic and unsatisfied, like I’d done everything and nothing at all.

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