When I go jogging, because let’s finally be real, to call what I do running is an insult to Running, I sometimes want to listen to the soundtrack of my own anxiety instead of Spring Awakening or Beyonce or Eminem Pandora on a really good day. If I run with no music I can somehow trick myself into doing something that’s almost like Reflection. This morning as I got ready to head out, I felt like such a jog, but needed to bring my phone so that I might still know what time it is, so as to not be late for work. But being that last week, I dropped and smashed my phone on the pavement for the 17th time, I thought, I don’t WANT to bring my phone. If only there were a smaller device that one could, say, wear on their person, that would tell the time. I contemplated this for a shocking amount of moments before I remembered WATCHES.


REMEMBER WATCHES? ALSO REMEMBER ALARM CLOCKS? DVDS? WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE? It’s flying and we’re changing in slow but massive ways inside of it.  I should get a watch.

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