Couch: A Boring Story

Once upon a time, I thought I might buy a couch for sitting purposes: a comfy couch, not so comfy that I might never get off it it, but just comfy enough. And so, I went to buy one, and I discovered that there about 17 thousand different kinds of couches, and was confronted with indecision and big questions begging larger personal issues like what are my priorities? and What is my fabric? ¬†and WHO. AM. I. And finally, I picked one, and one week later, called to schedule delivery and they were like oh, we’re like having it built in Sweden or something and you’ll get it in November and I was like, what? But I want a couch like now, and they were like sorry it’s in Sweden, and I was like well no thank you, and drove to Pasadena and found this couch, and sat on it, and took a picture of it, and bought it, and now I have a couch, but still am not quite sure Who I am, but my fabric: it’s gray.

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