Househunting: Feelings; Discoveries

Ladies and gentlemen, this gal is getting her own place for the first time in her whole life, ie driving around the east side of LA in her best dress with a folder stuffed full of financial documents and optimism. Observations:

1.) INDECISION. How does one ever know what they want? What do I want? Do I want a yard? What do I need? Do I need a second bedroom? What’s more important, location or price? Why did my showerhead fall onto my head this morning? How much is Heat Gas? What is parking? Who are Blinds?

2.) ALONELINIESS. I wonder if it’d be easier or infinitely more complicated to make this decision with another person. But flying solo apparently makes you a more appealing renter. But I do keep having to say, over and over, no, it is just me. No other. No pets. Just me. Alone.

Which leads me to:

3.) LIBERATION. While maybe it should be incredibly depressing, to keep having to say, over and over, just me, I find it oddly liberating, at least for now. I have no one to look after but myself.

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