Today, on Cities are People

Cities: wtf? Now my hometown up gone and changed on me, too. I never spent much time in downtown Winston-Salem growing up here, save the occasional venture to see a band play with my hemopheliac boyfriend  or to take Swing Dancing Lessons or perhaps go see Matchbox 20 want to Push me Around. There was never much going on down there. But now there is well: there is everything. Hip restaurants and cafes, galleries, pretentious cocktail bars, IT ALL. Last night was First Friday, in which all of the galleries stay open late, and there’s kids, and there’s beer, and there’s nowhere to park. I was flabbergasted. Not flabbergasted was childhood friend Julien, or the Queen of Winston Salem:

This is Old Hat for Julien, who remembers exactly where everything Was, and always knows where everything Will Be.

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