I’m sorry, but it’s Real.

I’m really loving Miranda Lambert these days. I love her simple,  girlish and southernish sometimes poetry that she perhaps did or did not write herself.

Some favorites:

I ain’t the kind you take home to mama, I ain’t the kind to wear no ring. Somehow I always get stronger when I’m on my second drink. Even though I hate to admit it, Sometimes I smoke cigarettes. Christian folks say I should quit it, I just smile and say God Bless. I heard Jesus, he drank wine, I bet we’d get along just fine, He could calm a storm, and heal the blind, and I bet he’d understand a heart like mine.


Well, I’ve been saved by the grace of southern charm. I got a mouth like a sailor and yours is more like a Hallmark card. If you wanna pick a fight, well, I’m gonna have to say good night, I don’t have to be hateful, I can just say, “Bless your heart.”  So let’s shake hands and reach across those party lines, You got your friend just like I got mine. We might think a little differently. But we got a lot in common you will see. We’re just like youuuu,  only prettier.


My neighbor’s car got stole last night, right out of his driveway. We heard the dogs a barkin, we never paid em any mind. Mary says she’s gonna lock the door from now on when we go away. I been walkin around this farm, wondering if it’s Time….Time to get a Gun (that’s what I been thinkin.) I could afford one, if I did just little less drinkin, time to put somethin between me and the sun. When the talkin is over, it’s time to get a Gun.

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