I am annoying.

I’d say there are a handful of perfectly nice people that for whatever reason, I just find deeply annoying. And so, logically I can assume that there are probably a handful of people that find ME deeply annoying. I think about this more than I should, and sometimes, I wonder what they say to themselves in their head about me when they’re feeling  particularly annoyed.  And then  I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to give voice to this, so that people who are annoyed by me will have some sort of script to go off of, at least when reading my blog? (But if you’re annoyed by me, and you read my blog, just don’t read my blog.) Here goes!  Those annoyed by me: follow script!

Deeply annoyed person: Ugh. Bekah is so annoying. Who does she think she is? Why is she so obsessed with showing us her dresses?!  If I see one more selfie of her showing us a necklace or holding some form of whimsical candy I am going to shoot someone. And she doesn’t even have any actual strong opinions on anything that is not a bread or shoe. She’s kind of an idiot. Ugh. I don’t CARE that she trimmed her bangs!

That actually, uh. Felt pretty good.

Clearly this ‘lots of time to think and write’ thing, is uh, so far, going pretty well.

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