Valuable Lessons

SO STOKED that my Mom is here and I get to show her all of the thinnngggggs! I parked her on the Switched set yesterday, where she learned some valuable industry lessons, such as:

– Actors are people too, and they have names separate from those of their characters.

– Gilles Marini is flying to Paris for 24 hours to hug his sister, and as a fireman, used to deliver babies.

– Gils Marini, just in general.

– There are people that stand in for the actors so that the actors don’t have to stand there.

– You have to remember to go to the bathroom.

-Headsets help you hear!

– Everyone has different jobs, and everyone must do their job to make the thing.

– Actors have little portable homes with their names on them.

This gal’s a legal pad and a baseball hat away from running her own showwww!

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