Even though we ain’t got Money

I’m so in love with you honey, and everything will bring a chain of love.

Love the girl who holds the world in a paper cup

Drink it up, love her and she’ll bring you luck

And if you find she helps your mind, you better take her home.

Yeah, don’t you live alone, try to earn what lover’s own.

I feel like the moment I can have this song come on my Pandora (which is frighteningly frequent)  and listen to it in full without scrying, which is to say, smilecrying, will be the moment I’ve reached maturity, stability, and peace. Or maybe  if I DON’T  listen to Kenny Loggins, I could perhaps have all of those things, but right now. But I can’t help it. EVEN THOUGH THEY AIN’T GOT MONEY, HE’S SO IN LOVE WITH HER.  AND OTHER LYRICS BOASTING ADMIRABLE EMOTIONS THAT ARE NOT REAL.

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