Sucker For


HARMONY HARMONY HARMONY. I love it.  I had forgotten about this beautiful hymn, Green Pastures, until it was harmonized for me in church on Sunday, and quite well. I then sifted through the internet for the BEST version of this song, and have found it in Emmylou Harris, and $9.99 later, I have an awesome album of her duets. It’s a beautiful song. Just imagine it with pretty layers of sound:

Troubles and trials often betray those
On in the weary body to stray
But we shall walk beside the still waters
With the Good Shepherd leading The Way

Those who have strayed were sought by The Master
He who once gave His life for the sheep
Out on the mountain still He is searching
Bringing them in forever to keep

Going up home to live in green pastures
Where we shall live and die never more
Even The Lord will be in that number
When we shall reach that Heavenly Shore

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