The Terrible things I miss

My phone and facebook tell that it’s currently that terrible time in New York, when it feels like it’s been cold for ten years, and it’s supposed to be nearly Spring, but it’s not, and it wont stop snowing 13%, and all you want is to step outside NOT wearing a coat that doubles your body mass and NOT die. I miss this terrible, wonderful time.  Other terrible things I also miss:

– Being bored with all your music, or bored with music in general, so to amuse your self while waiting for the train, you watch some rats chase each other.

– Attempting to dress yourself in the Summer, then after 10 minutes on the train where someone appears to be eating a lasagna with their hands, you are covered in sweat and other people, and it’s like the previous shower never happened, at all.

–  When your metrocard finds the perfect time to expire, and it’s right when the train’s pulling up, and it’s 15 minutes til the next one, or it’s just, DELAY.

– Wondering if a smell is a dying person or a really nice kabob.

– Indecision re: whether to take the train or walk the 20 blocks, and doing the math as to which would make more sense, time wise, since you know your city block walking average, and wasting time doing said math, to the point where, you probably should have just taken the train, on which someone will probably be eating an entire lasagna, with their hands.

– All of it. Every little stinky, stupid part.

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