This Poor Woman

She has to put up with ALL of my angst. Here she is, after driving me 9 hours up from NC one Christmas break when a snow storm cancelled all  flights. Did she have to do this? No. She’s the best. But there’s something about talking to / dealing with your Mom that instantly turns you into an angry toddler, only because you know she’s the only one who’s required to take it. And so, this morning, after  waking up late and inside of a weird dream in which I THINK I was doing crystal meth with my boss at her kid’s birthday party, while also floating around an indoor lazy River?, and then hitting bad traffic,  I decided that the best solution was to shout at my Mom because clearly, this was all her fault. It’s always easier to blame your Mother than the universe. Mom, how dare you send me weird dreams and create car accidents. How you did this, I’m just not sure, but also, I’m sorry, and you’re the best.

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