I Know the Art Stuff

I know lots of stuff about the Art. Yesterday, I patroned LAMCA which currently has an awesome Stanley Kubrick exhibit, and a collection dedicated to and inspired by Caravaggio.   I really love museums, mostly because they remind me of my trip to Europe too many years ago when I would wander around them, leering at things, kind of loving the fact that no one in the world knew where I was. I couldn’t be found.

Basically, there’s two kind of art: old Art, and new Art. Old Art is basically 90% paintings of women holding men’s heads on plates. Also, a substantial amount of the men look like Matthew Broderick. Here’s my favorite piece of Old Art from yesterday, Death comes to the Banquet Table, or: the very first SNL sketch, ever:

And then there’s awesome to look at it but it’s sort of like, I could have done this myself, why is it in a museum? New Art.

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