If the shoe fits, give it all of your money.

I hate to be that girl who’s all, I’m training for a half marathon right now, but I’m training for a half marathon right now, which is to say, slowly and sadly shuffling either up a treadmill or around the Silverlake Resevoir. Blaine and husband are coming to LA in March for the full marathon, and I thought I might trot alongside her for half of it. I can’t tell if I’m getting any better at running, or just being bad at it but doing it for longer each time, but  it is happening. Sunday it happened for six miles. I spent about nine thousand dollars on these new running shoes, in hopes that they would give me a six minute mile and a six pack, but so far all I’ve got is a blister that’s somehow growing a blister inside of it. But really: I like myself very much for attempting this.

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